A Bambi’s first time on Tinder

Confession: I have never used Tinder before. In fact, I had never even laid eyes on the UI of the app, nevermind signed up for an actual account – until I decided to do this blog post.

The reason for this is because by the time the app was common knowledge, I was already in a long-term relationship. And because my single friend who hasn’t had much success with the app won’t let me manage his Tinder account on his behalf, I couldn’t try the app through those means.

Over time I became more and more curious about the app as I hear about my friends’ experiences – and realised it’s apparently an app that’s not just about dick pics and one night stands.

And so I embarked on my own Tinder journey to see just what the app is about. Continue reading “A Bambi’s first time on Tinder”