‘Flagship killer’ POCO F1 smartphone is coming to South Africa

If you’ve heard anything about the POCO F1 smartphone, you’ll know that it has been hailed as a premium-grade phone with a budget price. It has even been dubbed the “true flagship-killer” by some tech enthusiasts.

The phone was unveiled in August and is a sub-brand of Xiaomi, a company known for quality technology at lower prices than many of its competitors. But even the POCO F1 took people by surprise, boasting high-end specs at a $300 price tag.

This includes a dual rear camera, a 20MP front-facing camera, a 4000mAh battery, and a Snapdragon 845 processor.

Many of Xiaomi’s smartphones don’t reach our shores, but this time around, the POCO F1 is set for a local launch.

The news was announced on the POCOPHONE Global Twitter account, where the sub-brand announced the the territories where the phone will be released. And South Africa is on the list.


The local price, launch date and exact details of the local release are yet to be announced. But knowing that the phone is headed our way is great news for local consumers.

Global sales of the smartphone begin on August 30. Despite no date given for the new markets added to POCO’s distribution plan, the company said the phone will be launched in these countries “soon”.

Note: I’ve reached out to Xiaomi’s local distributor for more information on a potential launch window. The story will be updated if more details are provided.

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