First full Android TV launches in South Africa

Skyworth has announced that their official, Google-licensed Android TV has launched in South Africa.

Unlike other Android TV products available locally, the device is not an Android TV box, but a full television that runs on the Android operating system.

The Skyworth Android TV includes streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube and Showmax; as well as access to over 3 000 Android apps through the Google Play Store.

skyworth android tv

The television also has a built-in Chromecast, meaning that users can stream a multitude of sources and apps to their TV using their smartphones or Chrome browser.

Other features include a built-in gaming console, voice search functionality and Bluetooth connectivity.

The full Android TV is a first for South Africans and is both supported and licensed by Google, according to Skyworth SA.

“The first-of-its-kind in South Africa, this full Android TV includes features so diverse that it caters to a far wider customer base than ever before,” Skyworth SA Managing Director  Chunhui Han said in a statement.

skyworth g6 android tv

Because it runs on the Android OS, users will also be able to stream services such as Google Play Music and Google Play Movies. Google Play Games can also be used on the device.

The Skyworth Android TV comes in three variations of screen size —  with 49-inch, 55-inch or 65-inch versions. These UHD LED TVs are available from local retailers including Makro (online only), Game, Pick n Pay, Hirsch’s, HiFi Corp and

The retailers have the television listed with the following prices, with variations between retailers:

price table android tv (1)

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