Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S20: Specs comparison

On February 11, Samsung announced its latest flagship series: the Galaxy S20 range.

Alongside the new devices, the company also announced a permanent price drop for 2019’s Galaxy S10 range in the US when the S20 series launches.

While no exact price has been given for local discounts, Samsung South Africa says that any discounts would be available through contracts by their network partners.

With each series offering their own appeal (cheaper price vs better hardware), how do you decide which one to get?

While many reviewers have yet to deliver their verdict, we can compare the devices’ hardware and features in the meantime.

Here are the major differences between the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20:

The biggest differences between the two phones are their camera hardware and battery capacity.

However, the S20 will also ship with newer software in the form of Android 10. The S10 ships with Android 9, but users are able to update their software easily.

Galaxy S20 launch date and price in South Africa

The Galaxy S20 range launched in South Africa on March 6.

The launch prices for the Galaxy S20 series are as follows:

  • Galaxy S20 – R18 999
  • Galaxy S20+ – R20 999
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra – R26 999

Galaxy S10 prices differ according to the seller. If you’re looking for a deal, make sure to shop around. Some sellers are still using 2019 launch prices, while others have reduced the Galaxy S10 price on their storefronts.

Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S20: Which should I get?

The best phone for you will depend on your budget and what you want to use our device for. Smartphone photographers will likely enjoy the more powerful camera hardware of the S20.

However, for those who want to be a bit more conservative with their spending, the S10 is a great option. The phone was well-received by reviewers and consumers alike.

The S10+ also offers great value, a bigger battery than the S10, and an additional selfie camera lens which enables different camera modes.

Which device would you get, the S10 or S20? Let me know in the comments below…

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