4 South African podcasts get funding from Spotify

As part of its Africa Podcast Fund initiative, Spotify has announced that it has awarded funding to four South African podcasts.

The Africa Podcast Fund selected creators from South Africa, Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana — investing a total of $100,000 into podcasts from these regions.

So which local podcasts made the cut?

South African podcasts in Spotify Africa Podcast Fund

The four podcasts to receive funding include: After School Is After School with Sis G.U, The Journey Kwantu, Wisdom & Wellness with Mpoomy Ledwaba, and Convos & Cocktails with Lesego Tlhabi.

The podcasts cover different genres, from wellness to African spirituality.

After School Is After School with Sis G.U is hosted by Gugulethu Nyatsumba. It focuses on the host’s experiences and struggles with life.

“I want to use this platform to speak more openly and honestly about the battles that I continue to face in my 20s,” Nyatsumba writes in the podcast description.

The Journey Kwantu is hosted by Vusumzi Ngxande and is a focused exploration of African spirituality and identity. The podcast currently features 34 episodes and includes topics such as practicing multiple spiritual beliefs at once, spirituality and technology, and culture versus spirituality.

The third local podcast to receive funding is Wisdom & Wellness with Mpoomy Ledwaba. During each episode, Ledwaba interviews a guest about topics around wellness, psychology, and life experiences.

The final local podcast to receive funding is Convos & Cocktails with Lesego Tlhabi. In the podcast, Tlhabi has conversations that she says black women want to have, but often don’t. Episodes often feature guests sharing their own insights on topics such as racism, dating, and careers.

If you’re interested in checking out any of the mentioned podcasts, make sure to visit their pages on Spotify.

Feature image: Spotify

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