Samsung’s new Micro LED TVs cost between R1.4million and R3million in South Africa

Samsung is bringing a new meaning to “ultra-premium” with the launch of its million-Rand Micro LED TVs in South Africa.

The TVs prices range from R1.4 million to R3 million and are available in sizes from 76 inches to 126 inches.

They feature Micro LED technology, which means that the display includes 25 million micrometre-size LEDs. Each LED individually produces light and colour, which Samsung says creates an immersive experience with a heightened level of colour and contrast.

The 4K displays on offer will be available in five sizes: 76 inches, 89 inches, 110 inches, 114 inches, and 126 inches.

The TVs are created with minimal bezels as part of their “monolith design”.

If you want to see one for yourself, Samsung has unveiled a 110-inch model at the Cinema Architects lifestyle and high-tech experience centre in Sandton.

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