Interactive map helps you understand The Witcher’s timeline

witcher netflix timeline map

Netflix’s new The Witcher series has us valuing the importance of tossing a coin to our resident Witcher. However, the series’ timeline and events have proven confusing to many.

Luckily, there’s now an interactive map that helps you understand the timeline and when various events take place. If you haven’t read the novels or played the games extensively, the passing references to major events can leave you scratching your head.

While a few episodes into the series it becomes clear that the events are happening on different timelines, and not chronologically, this reveal doesn’t make it easy to keep track of who’s where and when as you continue to watch.

But a new site launched by Netflix helps clear that all up. The map covers the unnamed continent that the series takes place in, from Nilfgaard to the Dragon Mountains.

At the bottom of the map, you’ll find a set of four colour-coded timelines for the series’ protaganists (Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri) and the world in general.

the witcher character timelines

The timelines include points that mark important events such as births or major victories, as well as events that take place in the show (with an episode number for guide).

The history goes all the way back to the Collision of the Spheres, the dawn of humankind and monsters in this world.

The map does contain some spoilers, so I wouldn’t suggest it to people who haven’t watched the series or know nothing of the story. However, it is a useful tool for viewers who are struggling to sort everything even after watching the show.

After all, the series is laden with surprises, twists, and a ton of world-building information. It doesn’t help that there is minimal signposting for timelines, and most of the characters (including regular humans) don’t seem to show ageing—yes, I’m looking at you Jaskier.

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