The Samsung GLAP controller makes Fortnite Mobile fun [Review]

As part of their focus on mobile gaming, Samsung released a GLAP controller in 2019.

The mobile controller uses Bluetooth and telescopic size adjustment to create the perfect holder and controller for smartphones.

But does it live up to Samsung’s marketing? And does its usefulness extend past gaming on Samsung smartphones?

I spent some time with the controller, testing it across smartphones and even with my PC. Here’s everything you need to know about the Samsung GLAP controller and my experience…

Samsung GLAP features

The GLAP Gaming Pad has several interesting features that make it great for mobile gaming. These include:

  • Android and Windows PC compatibility
  • Adjustable telescopic bracket compatible with smartphones up to 7.5 inches
  • Up to 10 hours battery life
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Steam Link compatibility
  • Durable carry case

Samsung GLAP impressions

samung glap controller carry case

So how did the GLAP controller measure up when I tested the device?

The first thing I noticed was how easy it was to set up. I simply needed to enable the Bluetooth on my device and pair it with the controller.

I was also able to use it on my Windows PC by simply plugging it in, without the hassle of driver installation.

When it came to using the controller with smartphones, the experience depended on the device and the game. With the Galaxy Note 10, controls were seamless with no noticeable input lag.

In games where there was input lag (e.g. Soul Knight), this lag appeared across devices and seemed to be due to the game and not the controller.

The controller lasted hours, providing more than enough battery power for long gaming sessions.

It was also incredibly easy to hold and use, feeling intuitive. It felt very similar to my experience on my PS4 controller, meaning I didn’t struggle to figure out the buttons. The triggers on the top of the controller are a great touch, making it incredibly easy to play shooter games.

When it comes to game compatibility, the GLAP is slightly hampered by the number of mobile games that don’t allow you to use a controller on mobile. This included games like Call of Duty: Mobile and Hungry Shark games.

There were some hiccups when using it with an Epic Games Store title (Afterparty), with the controller not registering despite the it working on my PC in general. However, when I opened Fortnite on PC, the controller worked perfectly.

The form factor actually makes it great for use with your computer too. The GLAP is larger than traditional controllers, but it doesn’t become unwieldy to handle.

When it comes to the main titles that Samsung markets the controller with, such as Fortnite, there are zero issues. But it can be a bit hit-and-miss with games that don’t have universal controller compatibility.

Speaking of the titles marketed with the controller…

Samsung GLAP controller and Fortnite Mobile

samsung glap controller fortnite

Fortnite Mobile is the major title that Samsung markets as a perfect use case for the GLAP controller. And honestly, they’re right.

Despite regularly playing Fortnite on my PS4 and occasionally PC, I avoid Fortnite mobile due to the significantly different input style.

However, when I used the GLAP controller, I was completing season missions and daily challenges easily. I could sit comfortably for an hour or two playing others in the game.

The touchscreen functionality actually became a benefit alongside the controller, since I could easily access the map and other features by tapping the screen and not relying on a controller button. But when it came to elements that a controller helps, such as shooting and aiming, the controller was a major benefit.

It actually made Fortnite Mobile fun for me. Since I sent the review unit back, I haven’t touched the mobile version of the game.

So if you regularly play Fortnite Mobile, this controller will only improve the experience in my opinion.

Final thoughts

The Samsung GLAP controller is a great device, perfect for using with games like Fortnite Mobile.

Its biggest drawback is due to certain mobile games not allowing controller functionality, rather than an issue with the device itself.

It is a bit pricey, retailing at R1299 on Vodacom4U and a few other online retailers. However, its form factor makes it highly preferential to many of its cheaper counterparts.

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