SA e-commerce site Raru stops taking orders

In what may mark the end of an era, South African e-commerce platform Raru has issued a notice that it is no longer taking orders.

The website,, now displays a short notice that says:

“Due to unfortunate circumstances we have no choice but to stop taking orders. More information will be provided in due course.”

Screenshot of the Raru website on 4 November 2022.

The news comes following complaints from customers about deliveries and refunds. A screenshot of the notice was posted to the r/southafrica subreddit on Reddit, where users stated that they had been having issues with receiving products from the site.

Raru has not updated its site or social media pages with further information, with only the site notice in place.

Raru was created by the founders of Take2, the precursor of Takealot. However, in recent months users have complained about items not being delivered, along with a lack of refunds.

The retailer’s page on HelloPeter currently has a rating of 1.65 out of 5 stars, with customers saying that they have not been refunded for orders they cancelled following a lack of delivery.

It’s unclear whether the stoppage of orders is temporary or marks the beginning of a site shutdown. We will have to wait on more information from the company to find out…

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