Raru takes down social pages, customers left in the dark

If you were hoping for an update on the status of online shopping company Raru, the signs aren’t encouraging. The company has receded further out of public view by removing its social media profiles from Twitter and Facebook.

This follows Raru taking down its website and announcing that it would no longer be taking orders on 4 November. While the site continues to show the same notice, the company’s social media profiles continued to stay up for a while — albeit not posting any content.

The Twitter account had been the most active of the two profiles, tweeting out promotions up until the day before the site went down.

However, from 10 November, attempts to visit the social media profiles result in error pages.

raru twitter profile deleted
The Raru Twitter account handle page on 14 November.

Many customers had been trying to reach the brand on social media to find out more about the situation. Twitter users have reported not receiving products, including their God of War: Ragnorok pre-orders following the launch of the game.

While the notice on the Raru website says more information will follow, the company has been publicly silent.

raru facebook page deleted
The Raru Facebook page on 14 November.

On the r/southafrica subreddit, users have also complained about a lack of information about outstanding orders.

Others have posted about waiting on refunds from the company for months.

However, as of writing, it seems that customers have been left in the dark regarding the path forward.

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