LG 65-inch QNED 806 review: premium visuals, great performance

Part of LG’s lineup of 2022 TVs included the QNED 806, a television that delivers more colour and clarity than traditional LCDs.

I spent some time with the 65-inch model, streaming content and gaming with the immersive display. Here’s what to know about the device and how it performed…

What is a QNED TV?

LG’s QNED TVs are Mini LED TVs that combine the technology of NanoCell and Quantum Dot. This is meant to provide a visual experience that is more colour accurate and vivid, with increased contrast compared to traditional LCD displays. The smaller LEDs, supported by local dimming, also minimize the halo effect and light bleeding.

TVs like the QNED 806 come with HDR 10 Pro support, AI Brightness Control, and a 4K resolution.

LG QNED 806 features

lg qned 806 apps

In addition to its Quantum Dot and NanoCell technology, the 65-inch television has other features.

Its 4K resolution is accompanied by a high refresh rate of 120Hz, meaning that you can enjoy ultra-high definition content and fast-paced scenes with smooth playback. When it comes to gaming, you can get the benefits of high-definition graphics with a refresh rate that is responsive to gameplay and helps you achieve a smooth framerate.

With support for HDMI 2.1, you can also enjoy all the performance of the latest-gen consoles without worrying about your video interface port letting you down.

The TV runs LG webOS, powered by an α7 Gen 5 AI Processor. This processor plays a role in the software’s performance, as well as tasks such as upscaling content.

The remote that comes with the TV, dubbed the Magic Remote, lets you interface with the QNED 806 using button shortcuts, LG voice search, as well as pointing and drag-and-drop controls.

But how does it stack up when it comes to daily performance?

Crisp, vivid visuals

qned 806 contrast playing wednesday

The increased colour-accurate saturation and vividness of the display is immediately apparent when compared to older LED TVs. The LG QNED 806 delivers imagery that is not only immersive with high definition, but clear, bright and accompanied by exquisite colour.

Meanwhile, the enhanced contrast with HRD10 Pro support lets you see clearly even in low-lit scenes, making sure you don’t have to strain your eyes to make out what’s happening.

horizon forbidden west tv

When it comes to gaming, you can enjoy the colour-rich worlds of games like Horizon Forbidden West, and truly appreciate the visuals on offer. While I used a PlayStation 4 Pro with the TV (as opposed to a newer PlayStation 5), the TV was able to elevate the experience to feel more detailed and striking despite the older generation of console.

Content on most apps came out sharp and well-defined when streaming, especially for Netflix and Disney+. However, the upscaling didn’t perform as well when it came to HD content on Youtube, with some visuals still struggling to adjust to the larger display.

Sleek design

lg qned 806 design

The immersion provided by the large display is complemented by the thin bezels on the TV, which make sure not to intrude too much.

The entire design of the TV is sleek and minimalistic despite its size. It’s held up by two slender feet, which you can position at the centre or edges of the display depending on the size of your TV unit.

Despite the slim design, the TV and its stand are sturdy.

Responsive controls

lg magic remote

The TV works both with the Magic Remote and LG’s ThinQ app. Both ways of communicating with the device provide a quick, responsive interface that doesn’t lag when loading apps or menus.

Booting up apps like Netflix took quicker than casting from my phone, and I ditched my Chromecast as my primary streaming device as a result. Rather than needing to reach for my phone, I could just select a button on the remote and instantly load the app. This shortcut saves time and avoids the usual loading lag that comes with older smart TVs.

That said, the remote does feature some buttons that you may not use. The scrolling button in the middle can also become a bit finicky at times, clicking on content when you’re aiming to scroll instead.

Immersive sound

The sound of the QNED 806 matches its size. While it wouldn’t achieve the same effect as a soundbar or home entertainment system, it performs well enough that you won’t feel like you’re struggling for volume or clarity.

The audio is clear, providing enough bass to make epic scenes feel grand. I also didn’t need to increase the volume more than 50% to be able to hear at a comfortable volume while streaming series and movies.

LG QNED 806 review verdict: Is it worth it?

Part of what surprised me about the QNED 806 is its price. Currently priced at around R20,000, the QNED 806 provides a lot of TV for that price point.

Its high refresh rate, detailed and bright visuals, and seamless responsiveness make it a joy to experience. It’s easy to set up and provides the visual and audio clarity you’d want from a TV in its price range.

If you’re looking for a TV that offers a large display and premium visual, the QNED 806 provides a great experience.

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