WhatsApp gallery not showing camera? How to fix it

If you’re a regular WhatsApp user, you may have noticed a glitch that appeared with an OS update. Basically, if you received the update for Android 13, when sending pictures, WhatsApp may no longer show your camera gallery by default.

This means that to send a picture from your camera folder, you have to go through several tabs to access it since WhatsApp only shows your WhatsApp media.

It turns out that the cause of this is Android 13’s permission requirement for photos and videos. Even if you have previously given WhatsApp permission to access your phone storage, the new OS requires the granting of additional permissions.

So how do you fix it? Here’s all you need to know about restoring your camera folder to your WhatsApp gallery.

How to give WhatsApp access to your camera gallery

You will need to grant the additional photo and video permission to WhatsApp so that it will show you your camera folder again when attaching pictures.

To do this, go to your phone settings and select Apps. Search for WhatsApp and then tap on the app.

Next, access Permissions and make sure to grant access to Photos and videos. Once this permission is granted, you’ll see that your WhatsApp gallery goes back to normal.

You will now see folders like Camera, Favourite, and more return.

Feature image: Asterfolio/Unsplash

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